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CGI Scripting

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface.

Our servers have the capability to run CGI scripts based on Perl 5.18 and ASP (Active Server Pages) languages. ASP is a our language of choice, since it is very powerful with the growing family of ActiveX.

The cgi-bin directory is reserved for FrontPage, therefor it is read-only,
but you will be able to run scripts in any other folders.

Simply upload your script(s) into a folder of your choice and it should be able to function.

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PERL 5.18
  1. .cgi and .pl extentions are supported.
  2. The mail function is supported by an ActiveX component.
  3. Location of Perl (#!/usr/local/bin/perl) is not needed.
  4. Physical path: "/wwwroot/PUT_YOUR_LOGON_NAME_HERE"
    (e.g. if your domain is, your logon name is foo)
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Mail system for perl - ActiveX -

use OLE;
$Mailer = CreateObject OLE "SMTPsvg.Mailer";
$Mailer->{'FromName'} = 'YOUR_NAME_HERE ';
$Mailer->{'FromAddress'} = 'YOUR_EMAIL_HERE ';
$Mailer->{'RemoteHost'} = '';
$Mailer->AddRecipient('NAME_HERE', 'EMAIL_HERE');
#$Mailer->AddCC('NAME_HERE', 'EMAIL_HERE ');
#$Mailer->AddBCC('NAME_HERE', 'EMAIL_HERE ');
$Mailer->{'Subject'} = 'Test mail from Perl ';
$Mailer->{'BodyText'} = "This is a test from PerlScript\n\nLeslie ";
#$Mailer->AddAttachment ("YourFileName1 ");
#$Mailer->AddAttachment ("YourSubFolder\\YourFileName2 ");
if ($Mailer->SendMail())
       { print "Success..." }
       { print "Failed..." }

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is a server-side programming language.

Simply re-name your .htm or .html file to .asp
Insert your VBscript code sorrounded by <% and %>.
E.G. <%= Date%> will print the current date.

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MS Access 2000 is the most popular database connectivity.

Create your own database, upload it into your web-area then
send us an e-mail stating the folder's name and we will assign
you a DSN.
DSN (Data Source Name) is a unique identifier for your database. 

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MS SQL 7.0

MS SQL is powerful database server and fully compatible with ASP.
It is available with the Silver and higher plans.
If you need to use this feature, please send an e-mail to

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