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Cart32 - Features

Cart32 has been a miracle for us! Ease of setup and integration, quick and powerful and excellent support make this product the best of it's kind. Get it today!
--Phil Beazley, FutureSights

Cart32 v2.6

Cart32 v2.6

  • 32-bit CGI program for Windows 95 & NT
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Integrates well with FrontPage 98
  • Windows & Web Browser Administration Program
  • Fast CGI Execution
  • Cart holds item name, part number, quantity, price, shipping, tax, weight and custom options
  • Item price, part number, shipping, weight and tax adjustable based on an option
  • Add multiple items at one time
  • Accepts both billing and shipping addresses
  • Validates credit card numbers
  • Flexible tax options including tax rates for each state or country and flat tax support
  • Flexible shipping options including shipping by weight, total cost, number of items and more
  • Supports SSL Security
  • Works with multiple domains
  • Customize shopping cart tables, fonts, colors and images using the Cart32 Admin
  • Further customize shopping cart output using HTML Templates files
  • Customize the e-mail messages sent to the client and to the customer
  • Translate Cart32 output to work in different languages
  • Orders are written to Cart32's own database for viewing in the Cart32 Administration
  • Logging - Activity Log, E-mail Log and CyberCash Log(Cart32+)


  • Export orders into tab or comma delimited files for importing into database or spreadsheet applications
  • Run an external CGI application and pass it parameters from the order. Works well for automatically updating files or databases
  • Run an external command line program or batch file and pass it parameters from the order. Also works well for automatically updating files or databases.


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